DDFK Christmas Band

Looking to add some festive cheer to your Christmas event? Look no further! We’re ready to rock your holiday party in style, whether it’s in our classic lederhosen and dirndl or one of our festive Christmas outfits. Take a peek at our Christmas photo gallery for some inspiration!

From Mariah Carey’s timeless ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ to the beloved ‘Fairytale of New York’ by the Pogues, we’ve got all the hits covered. We not only cover contemporary hits but also play traditional songs and carols, either acoustically while strolling amidst your guests or in a stationary performance. Perfect for office parties, Christmas markets, lights switch-ons, shopping centre events, or even private gatherings at home.

Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and will go the extra mile to make your event memorable!

  • Christmas Markets: Oompah brass bands can add to the charm of Christmas markets, creating a festive ambience with their lively music that resonates with the holiday spirit.
  • Holiday Parades: Whether it’s a local holiday parade or a festive procession, an Oompah brass band can march along and provide cheerful tunes that enhance the celebratory mood.
  • Tree Lighting Ceremonies: The sounds of an Oompah brass band can set the scene for the illumination of holiday trees, adding an extra layer of excitement to these traditional ceremonies.
  • Winter Festivals: In winter festivals that celebrate the holiday season, an Oompah brass band can be a highlight, engaging the crowd with spirited music and encouraging participation.
  • Corporate Holiday Parties: Adding an Oompah brass band to a corporate holiday party can turn the event into a memorable and festive celebration that brings colleagues together in a joyful atmosphere.
  • Community Gatherings: From neighborhood gatherings to community holiday celebrations, an Oompah brass band can provide entertainment that delights all ages and fosters a sense of togetherness.
  • Holiday Open Houses: For businesses or organizations hosting holiday open houses, an Oompah brass band can greet guests with cheerful music, creating a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Christmas Carnivals: A Christmas carnival with rides, games, and entertainment can benefit from the lively and energetic music of an Oompah brass band.
  • Holiday Charity Events: Oompah brass bands can help raise the festive spirit at charity events, encouraging attendees to join in the merriment and support a good cause.
  • Festive Family Gatherings: From large family reunions to intimate holiday dinners, having an Oompah brass band can make these gatherings even more special and memorable.
  • Holiday Boat Parades: If you’re in a coastal area, an Oompah brass band can add a unique touch to holiday boat parades, performing aboard boats or along the waterfront.

About DDFK Oompah Band

DDFK Oompah Band is the UK’s ultimate Oktoberfest party powerhouse that has set global Oktoberfest parties ablaze and shared the spotlight with the likes of German legend Peter Wackel. Brace yourself for the authentic musical magic of schlager hits, polkas, waltzes, and pop anthems mashed up to set any dance floor ablaze. Get in touch today to experience party extravaganza with the one and only DDFK Oompah Band! Find out more…

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