24th Invicta Rifles Military-Style Marching Band

Are you in search of the perfect band to infuse pomp and ceremony into your British-themed event? Look no further than the 24th Invicta Rifles Marching Band. Our ensemble is customisable, ranging from a 5-piece to a full 20-piece band. While smaller groups can offer static performances, for the full marching experience, we recommend a 10-piece setup or larger. Remember, the bigger the band, the greater the impact.

Led by Geoff Moore, Drum Major, and Musical Director, who began his musical career in the British Army’s Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Band, our band has been an integral part of many different types of events. Over the past 30 years, we’ve been a regular presence at the annual Hickstead Horse of the Year Show Nations Cup, and the National Rifles Association’s King’s and Queen’s Prize in Bisley. We’ve even provided the grand finale for events like the YMCA gathering in The Hague.

With an extensive repertoire spanning marches from across the globe, easy-listening static music, popular hits, and national anthems, our band tailors performances to meet your specific needs. Whether you seek an understated ambiance or a full-fledged military display, our wealth of experience ensures we can deliver the marching band experience you envision.

Elevate your street party, village fete, after-dinner entertainment, parade, or any British-themed event with the regimental rhythms of the 24th Invicta Rifles Marching Band.

  • Ceremonial Occasions: Military march bands are often a perfect fit for formal ceremonies such as military parades, flag-raising ceremonies, changing of the guard, and other events that require a display of honor and respect.
  • Patriotic Celebrations: National holidays, memorial services, and patriotic events can benefit from the presence of a military march band, as their music can evoke a strong sense of national pride.
  • Veterans’ Gatherings: Military march bands add a special touch to veterans’ events, including Veterans Day commemorations, reunions, and memorials, paying tribute to those who have served.
  • Historical Reenactments: For historical reenactments and living history events, a military march band can provide an authentic touch, transporting attendees back in time.
  • Parades: Whether it’s a local parade, a civic celebration, or a holiday event, the sight and sound of a military march band can create an impressive and impactful presence.
  • Formal Gala Events: Military march bands can provide grand entrances, perform during formal receptions, and set the tone for upscale galas and award ceremonies.
  • Educational Programs: Military march bands are often invited to schools and educational programs to teach students about military history and music, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience.
  • Cultural Festivals: In certain cultural festivals and international events, a military march band can provide a unique and cross-cultural musical element.
  • Government Functions: Official government ceremonies, state visits, and diplomatic functions can benefit from the dignified and disciplined presence of a military march band.
  • Corporate and VIP Events: Some corporate events, particularly those with a formal theme or an emphasis on prestige, might incorporate a military march band for an added touch of sophistication.

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