DDFK Après Ski Band

Hosting an Après Ski-themed event and searching for the ideal band to create the perfect atmosphere? You’re in luck! Our Après Ski Band specialises in all the hits that define the Après Ski experience, complete with specially designed Après Ski lederhosen for that authentic touch.

And guess what? We’ve got our own Après Ski song, “In Den Bergen,” available for download. It’s a cover of a track by our good friend and Après Ski star, DJ Pascy, who even makes a cameo in our music video. Check it out here!

If you’ve got specific ideas or requests, just give Geoff a call at 07956207764 or drop him an email. We’re super flexible and ready to do whatever it takes to make your event a hit!

  • Après Ski Parties: Naturally, an Oompah Après Ski brass band is a perfect fit for Apres Ski parties, creating the same high-spirited atmosphere you’d find at mountain lodges after a day on the slopes.
  • Winter Sports Events: Whether it’s a ski resort event, snowboarding competition, or winter sports festival, an Oompah Après Ski brass band can provide upbeat and celebratory music that resonates with participants and spectators alike.
  • Ski Lodge Gatherings: Bring the mountain lodge experience to life with an Oompah Après Ski brass band. Our lively tunes can enhance cozy gatherings by the fireplace or on lodge patios.
  • Holiday Cabin Getaways: An Oompah Après Ski brass band can be a fantastic addition to holiday cabin getaways, creating a festive and fun-filled atmosphere for friends and family.
  • Winter Carnivals: In winter carnivals and festivals that celebrate the snowy season, an Oompah Après Ski brass band can entertain attendees with their energetic performance style.
  • Winter Wonderland Events: Transform any event space into a winter wonderland with the spirited sounds of an Oompah Après Ski brass band, adding a unique touch to the festivities.
  • Corporate Winter Retreats: Whether it’s a team-building event or a corporate winter getaway, an Oompah Après Ski brass band can provide a lively and memorable entertainment option.
  • Apres Ice Skating: After a session of ice skating, an Oompah Après Ski brass band can keep the energy high and the festive spirit going strong.
  • Ski Season Kickoffs: Celebrate the start of ski season with an Oompah Après Ski brass band, setting the tone for a season filled with mountain adventures.
  • Après-Themed Nightclubs: Nightclubs and entertainment venues can create an Après Ski atmosphere with the lively music of an Oompah Après Ski brass band, attracting partygoers looking for winter-themed fun.

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