DDFK Oompah Band

On the lookout for the perfect oompah band for your event? Look no further! DDFK Oompah Band is one of the most experienced you’ll find, with a global reputation for bringing the party to any occasion. Whether it’s an Oktoberfest-themed party or any other event, we’re the go-to choice to add that extra flair.

We’ve got two main options to choose from – our Stage Show, and our Bierkeller Show.

Stage Show

Our Stage show is like a one-way ticket to the heart of Munich’s Oktoberfest, right on your doorstep. We’ve mastered the art of making your guests sway, sing at the top of their lungs, and dance like nobody’s watching. It’s not just a performance; it’s an experience that gets everyone in the spirit. We kick off the show with some traditional classics like ‘In Munchen Steht,’ and trust us, you’ll want to join in – unless you’re up for one of our infamous forfeits! From there, we jump into the Schlager hits that dominate the Munich scene, smoothly transitioning to beloved classics like ‘Hey Baby’ and ‘Living Next Door to Alice.’ And of course, fear not, we always wrap things up with the ultimate crowd-pleaser – ‘Sweet Caroline’! Get your dancing shoes on; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Bierkeller Show

If you’re after something equally fantastic but without the setup hassle, our Bierkeller show is a winner. We weave through your guests, playing all the crowd-pleasers as instrumentals. Think dancing galore, even on chairs or benches if they’re up for it! Curious? Catch us at Munich Cricket Club every Thursday and Saturday night, turning tables and benches into party zones. Take a look at our socials for a sneak peek of the MCC vibe. Oh, and do let us know if you’re planning on coming down and we’ll be sure to chat with you over a beer.

From headlining Oktoberfest parties to adding a touch of oompah magic to weddings, corporate bashes, and private shindigs, DDFK Oompah Band is your go-to for high-energy performances and feel-good vibes. Our diverse repertoire ensures there’s something for everyone, making memories that linger long after the music stops.

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Now, let’s delve into the array of events that can hit a whole new level with DDFK Oompah Band:

  1. Oktoberfest Parties: Make us the headliners for your Oktoberfest-themed event, be it a massive public festival or an intimate private bash. We’ll bring that authentic Bavarian vibe.
  2. Beer Festivals: We’ve rocked plenty of beer festivals, injecting that contagious Oktoberfest energy into each one.
  3. Cultural Festivals: Take your audience on a captivating musical journey at multicultural events celebrating German culture and heritage.
  4. Community Fairs and Carnivals: Amp up the vibe at your community fair, carnival, or outdoor gathering with DDFK Oompah Band.
  5. Corporate and Company Parties: Sprinkle some Oktoberfest spirit into corporate events, adding a fun and unexpected element. Perfect for team-building, after-dinner entertainment, and Christmas parties.
  6. Weddings: Create unforgettable memories with a performance that keeps wedding guests dancing till the sun comes up.
  7. Private Parties: Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, or any private bash, we’re here to make it a night to remember.
  8. Restaurant and Pub Entertainment: Treat your customers to a unique experience by bringing in DDFK Oompah Band for live entertainment and some crowd participation.
  9. Fairs and Markets: Amp up the vibe of traditional markets, Christmas fairs, or craft shows with the unmistakable sounds of DDFK Oompah Band.
  10. Cruise Ship Entertainment: Planning a themed cruise? Well, we’re all aboard! We love cruising and are ready to add that special touch to your voyage.

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About DDFK Oompah Band

DDFK Oompah Band is the UK’s ultimate Oktoberfest party powerhouse that has set global Oktoberfest parties ablaze and shared the spotlight with the likes of German legend Peter Wackel. Brace yourself for the authentic musical magic of schlager hits, polkas, waltzes, and pop anthems mashed up to set any dance floor ablaze. Get in touch today to experience party extravaganza with the one and only DDFK Oompah Band! Find out more…

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